UE4 Update Google Play Services

It's required to update google play services to latest versions in order to use beta version of Appodeal Plugin. If you are using Ultimate Mobile Kit in your project, there are no additional actions required. Otherwise, please follow the next steps to build Android application:

1. Make sure that Enable Gradle Instead of Ant selected (Settings > Platforms > Android > APK Packaging)

2. Close Unreal Engine editor if it's opened.

3. Clean Binaries, Build and Intermediate folders in your project.

4. Open aar-imports.txt, which is located in [engine]/Engine/Build/Android/Java/ folder. On Linux based systems Engine Folder usually located in /Users/Shared/Epic Games/UE_4.xx. Here is an example of modified aar-import.txt:

repositories $(ANDROID_HOME)/extras
repositories $(ENGINEDIR)/Source/ThirdParty/Android/extras
5. Open your project in Editor and select Settings > Plugins.

6. Disable unused google plugins (Google Cloud Messaging and others, they can be enabled by default in an empty project).