Set User Data

Our SDK provides the transfer of user data for better ad targeting and higher eCPM. All parameters are optional.

Set user's id


For data privacy and GDPR-compliance reasons, you may NOT use email address, phone number, real name or any other personally identifiable information in the user ID you set with this call.

Set the age of the user

Age must be a positive integer value.

Specify gender of the user

Possible values:

  • UserSettings.Gender.FEMALE,
  • UserSettings.Gender.MALE,
  • UserSettings.Gender.OTHER.

Track in-app purchases

Tracks in-app purchase information and sends info to Appodeal servers for analytics. It allows to group users by the fact of purchasing in-apps. This will help you adjust the ads for such users or simply turn it off, if needed. To make this setting work correctly, please submit the purchase info via Appodeal SDK.

Appodeal.trackInAppPurchase(amount, currencyCode);
Appodeal.trackInAppPurchase(5, "USD");

Send extra data

You can send key-value data to Appodeal. 

Appodeal.setExtraData(string key, bool value);
Appodeal.setExtraData(string key, int value);
Appodeal.setExtraData(string key, double value);
Appodeal.setExtraData(string key, string value);

To send the device identifier from a mobile attribution service and match it with Appodeal user id, use "attribution_id" as a key and a unique identifier from your attribution service as a value.