Ad Types

The adTypes parameter in the code is responsible for the ad formats you are going to implement into your app. 

Appodeal supports all major mobile ad formats:

  • Interstitial (AppodealAdType.Interstitial): full-screen ads, that contain a static image or a skippable video.
  • Rewarded video (AppodealAdType.RewardedVideo): non-skippable video ads that users may choose to watch to get a reward.
  • Banner (AppodealAdType.Banner): rectangular ads that occupy a spot within an app's layout.
  • MREC (AppodealAdType.Mrec): medium-rectangular ads (300x250px) that appear within in-app content. It’s a deprecated ad format and it is recommended to use native ads instead.

Please note:

Ad types can be combined using "|" operator. For example, AppodealAdType.Interstitial | AppodealAdType.RewardedVideo.

If you are not sure, which ad formats would suit you the best, check out our FAQ.