Meta SDK (facebook-core) is used for UA(User Acquisition).

Meta connection

To connect Meta, follow the steps:

Step 1: Import Meta

Meta SDK is already included in Appodeal SDK (facebook-core). You don't need to install it separately.

Step 2: Configure Meta app

  1. Follow this guide to configure you Meta app.
  2. Go to Appodeal Appodeal Settings → Facebook Settings and tick "Enable auto configuration".

For Android:
Enter your App ID for Android.
Enter your Facebook Client Token

You can find Facebook Client Token here:

On Facebook Developer: choose your application → Settings → Advanced → Client Token

For iOS:

Enter your App IDs for iOS. 

Step 3: Enable Meta Tracking in Attribution Settings

  1. You need to go to your app settings in your Appodeal account and choose Attribution Settings.

  2. In Meta Settings enable Meta Tracking.

Step 4: Contact us

Contact our support team via live chat or via email to complete integration.

Demo application

You can use our  demo app  as a reference project.

Event Tracking

Appodeal SDK allows you to send events to analytic services such as Firebase, AppsFlyer, Adjust and Meta using a single method:


Send events with params if required.

    new Dictionary<string, object>
        { "testKey1", "testParam1" },
        { "testKey2", 42 },
        { "testKey3", 0.42d }

Please note:

Event parameters can only be strings and numbers.