Ad types

The adTypes parameter in the code is responsible for the ad formats you are going to implement in your app. 

Appodeal supports all major mobile ad types:

  • Interstitial (AppodealAdTypeInterstitial): full-screen ads that contain a static image or a skippable video.
  • Rewarded video (AppodealAdTypeRewardedVideo): non-skippable video ads that users may choose to watch to get a reward.
  • Non-skippable video (AppodealAdTypeNonSkippableVideo): video ads that must be watched until the end.
  • Native ads (AppodealAdTypeNativeAd): ads that can match the structure and style of an app and naturally continue user experience.
  • Banner (AppodealAdTypeBanner): rectangular ads that occupy a spot within the app's layout
  • MREC (AppodealAdTypeMREC): medium-rectangle ads (300x250px) that appear within in-app content. It’s a deprecated ad format and is best replaced with native ads.


The SDK can't show ads in offline mode! You will get callback failToPresent, if you call showAd without internet connection.

Please note:

1. Ad types can be combined using "|" operator. For example, AppodealAdTypeInterstitial | AppodealAdTypeRewardedVideo.

2. AppodealAdTypeNonSkippableVideo is an alias of  AppodealAdTypeRewardedVideo. The two shouldn't be used together.

If you are not sure which ad formats would suit you best, check out our FAQ.