Before the start

Appsflyer is available for linking only with your own Appsflyer account with Premium Plan.

Appsflyer is a mobile marketing, analytics, and attribution platform.

With one connection of Appsflyer you will be able to see all UA metrics directly in our BI, without using MMP, analyze them in various sections, and also get access to LTV forecasting.

Note that we also support forecast metrics, which will be available by default with the current integration.

Appsflyer integration steps

To connect with Appsflyer, follow the steps:

Step 1: Check needed features

Make sure you have a following features:

  • Datalocker. Data Locker writes your report data to cloud storage for loading into your BI systems.
  • Master API. Get selected LTV, activity, Protect360, and retention campaign performance KPIs by API, in CSV or JSON format. Select 1 or more apps.

These features are available on Appsflyer Premium Plan.

Step 2: Import Appsfyer

Complete all the steps from our integration guide. Make sure to integrate Appsflyer distributed via Appodeal SDK.

Step 3: Contact us

Contact our support team via live chat or via email and send us your Datalocker and Master API. We will provide you with further steps.

Demo application

You can use our demo analytics app  as a reference project.

Tracking In-App Purchases

Tracks in-app purchase information and sends the information to Appodeal servers for analytics. It allows to group users by the fact of making in-app purchases. This will help you adjust the ads for such users or simply turn them off if needed. To make this work correctly, please submit the purchase information via Appodeal SDK.


	inAppPurchase: "some product id", 
	type: .autoRenewableSubscription, 
	price: "9.99", 
	currency: "USD", 
	transactionId: "some transaction id", 
	additionalParameters: additionalParameters, 
	success: { [weak self] in self?.alert("Purchase is valid", message: $0.description) }, 
	failure: { [weak self] error, _ in self?.alert("Purchase is invalid", message: error?.localizedDescription) } 

Event tracking

Appodeal SDK allows you to send events to analytic services such as Firebase, AppsFlyer, Adjust and Meta using a single method:

  "some event",
  customParameters: ["foo": "bar"]

Please note:

Event parameters can only be strings and numbers.