Framework not found BidMachinePangleAdapter

Only for mac with Apple silicon processor

Error "Framework not found BidMachinePangleAdapter" occurs if you have an Apple silicon processor and run Xcode without Rosseta mode.

The error log example (in the Xcode issue navigator):

Framework not found BidMachinePangleAdapter

To fix this issue, you need to run Xcode using Rosetta in debug mode or comment out the pod with the name BidMachinePangleAdapter in your Podfile while debug mode is running.

In order to run Xcode using Rosetta, please follow the steps below :

  • Quit Xcode if it is running
  • Use Finder to locate in the Applications folder of your Mac
  • Right-click and select ‘Get Info’
  • Click the ‘Open using Rosetta’ check box
  • Restart Xcode