Firebase SDK (firebase-analytics and firebase-config) is used for analytics and remote config for tests and settings.

Integration Steps

To connect your Firebase account , follow the steps:

Step 1: Import Firebase

Firebase SDK is already included in Appodeal SDK (firebase-analytics and firebase-config). You don't need to install it separately.

Step 2: Configure Firebase App

You may follow this guide to configure your Firebase app.

1. Add classpath qualifier to buildscript → dependencies into your app level build.gradle file.

buildscript {
	dependencies {
    	// ... other project dependencies         
		classpath ''

2. Connect Google Services plugin to your module 

plugins {
    // ... other project dependencies         
    id ''

3. Add your google-services.json file into the module (app-level) directory of your app from Firebase console.

Step 3: Set Up Firebase Remote Config In Attribution Settings (Optional)

If you want to use Firebase Remote Config in your app, you can add your Firebase parameter keys from Firebase console -> Project name -> Remote Config to Firebase Config Keys in Attribution Settings.

Step 4: Enable Firebase Tracking In Attribution Settings

To enable sending events to Firebase SDK, you need to enable Firebase Tracking in Attribution Settings.

Demo Application

You can use our demo analytics app as a reference project.

Event Tracking

Appodeal SDK allows you to send events to analytic services such as -Firebase, AppsFlyer, Adjust, and Meta.
In order to set up event tracking, please refer to this guide.