Meta SDK (facebook-core) is used for UA(User Acquisition).

Meta integration steps

To connect Meta, follow the steps:

Step 1: Import Meta

Meta SDK is already included in Appodeal SDK (facebook-core). You don't need to install it separately.

Step 2: Configure Meta app

You may follow this guide to configure you Meta app.

  1. Add a meta-data elements to the application element, you can get your Client Token and Facebook App ID using this guide :

    <application ...>
        	android:value="YOUR_FACEBOOK_TOKEN" />

  2. Contact our support team via live chat or via email to complete integration.

Demo application

You can use our demo analytics app  as a reference project.

Event tracking

Appodeal SDK allows you to send events to analytic services such as Firebase, AppsFlyer, Adjust and Meta using a single method:

// Create map of event parameters if required
Map<String, Object> params = new HashMap<>();
params.put("example_param_1", "Param1 value");
params.put("example_param_2", 123);

Appodeal.logEvent("appodeal_sdk_test_event", params);

Please note:

Event parameters can only be strings and numbers.